Prospa Ochimana – “Ekwueme” Ft. Osinachi Nwachukwu (Free Mp3 Download)

Prospa Ochimana Ft. Osinachi Nwachukwu – Ekwueme

Prospa Ochimana - “Ekwueme” Ft. Osinachi Nwachukwu (Free Mp3 Download)

Nigeria’s top sensational christian gospel artist Prospa Ochimana releases a brand new single Ekwueme” featuring another of Nigeria’s worshiper with great depth and impact Mrs Osinachi Nwachukwu.

EKWUEME” (meaning the God who says it and does it) delivered in English and Igbo (Eastern Nigerian language) is a pure slow-tempo and power-packed worship piece.

Get ready to launch into the deep, for an encounter, to experience the marvelous works of the ONE who says it and does it. Turn on the volume and turn down worldly pressure through this song. We can’t wait to hear you share your testimonies like others around the world. Be blessed! ~ Prospa

Listen, Download & Enjoy Ekwueme by Propsa Ochimana Ft. Osinachi Nwachukwu Below!

Download Prospa Ochimana Ft. Osinachi Nwachukwu – Ekwueme Mp3

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Updated: April 23, 2018 — 2:33 PM


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  2. Adinze samuel oluwaseyi

    I love and enjoy downloading my songs from here

  3. This song is so touching

  4. chukwudi victor Onuchukwu

    This song is special and spirit filled and full of inspiration. I’ve listened to it over nd over again.keep it up bro may holy spirit give u more revelation to evangelise to the world through this medium Amen.

  5. this is one of the best spirit moving song filled with inspiration, i must say its the best record of prospa ochimana i’ve heard

  6. This song is kind we need in gospel music ….it is spirit filled ..i pray for more Grace in the gospel music to sing the deep things of God
    Ekwueme ……you are the living God ooo eze no one like you

  7. This is one of the best spirit packed songs ever. I pray for more strength and grace bro. You are blessed in returned just as you have blessed the world.

  8. When I listen to this worship song I was feel with tears in my eyes god is wonderful he deserve to be praise. Keep it on bro prospa may the spiri of the Lord continue to lead u as u glorified his name.

  9. soul lifting, deep,touching. keep it up

  10. I love this song so much.lnfact Itz wonderful to listen to ur songs

  11. I have never been moved to tears by any worship song before. But on listening to this song EKWUEME, my eyes was filled with tears knowing that GOD is the greatest, this song penetrated my soul and I will always remain humble to GOD. May God bless you both Bro. Prospa and Sis. Nwachukwu for your evangelism through this song and may he touch the lives of many through this ministration, in Jesus name Amen.

  12. God is indeed a great God. When I listen to this worship song I was feel with tears in my eyes… God is wonderful he deserve to be praise. Keep it on bro prosper may the spirit of the Lord continue to lead u as u glorified his name.

  13. Really love this song and it has been a blessing to my life. Thanks to God for using Prospa Ochimana and Osinachi Nwachukwu to bless our live this season.

  14. I really love this song. Is a sensational song

  15. Oh my God. Bro Prospa, I first listened to your song “Ekwueme” last night and I have been playing it since then. It amazing how you are touching lives through this song. I pray for continued inspiration from the holy spirit. And sister Osinachi Nwachukwu mmmm you guys are great. May God bless you very specially.

  16. Please I need a song, God can do anything by Chris Bryd….haven’t been able to download it, I’ll be glad if I can get it through my mail. Thanks

  17. I love the worship song,it really moves my spirit to connect myself,immediately to God… I believe this is one of the best motivational worship song,for the Year.. 2018.. More Grace to your Elbows…

  18. With this song my case is settled

  19. This is absolutely intriguing; yet sublime!

  20. One of the best gospel song I have heard in ages… EKWUEME oh!

  21. how do you download?

  22. This song takes me into greater worship. I love worshiping the lord and this song does it for me. Thank you for blessing me with the lyrics in this song.

  23. I have played this song called Ekweume severally and daily since it came into my hands.Keep on keeping it up bro and sis Osinachi…I keep following your singing in your Ibo language every time the song is playing….God bless you.

    Siabbaba Siabbaba Siamaili-Zambia

  24. I understand only few words from this song yet my spirit was moved. God is great

  25. God is great, yes his GREAT i can do nothing with out he…

  26. this song is really touching to the heart, I love it

  27. I love this song anointed song

  28. True worshipers shall worship GOD in spirit and in truth.
    I’ve been listening and listening and listening, in fact I can’t stop listening to ya worship song
    God bless ya minister

  29. This music brings one closer to the presence of God. I feel the presence of God mightyly when I listen to this soul touching rhythm. God will keep inspiring you both to greater heights.

  30. this song makes feel like am in heaven

  31. the best worship song ever… Ekwueme

  32. I’m always touch whenever i heard the song..May the bless u more

  33. Where do I start? I first heard this over Bluetooth playing from my flatmates phone here in Melbourne Australia. As soon as I heard it, something hit me on the head and I became stunned and all at once I felt like I was transported to the heights of heaven and before the Almighty. There’s something about the acoustics and the musical renderings that make this song exceptional, outstanding and mysterious . I knew then and then that this music is a gift from the Almighty. I’ve downloaded and listened to it for hours … and it brought tears to my eyes. Indeed there’s no one like God…. As an African Australian it made re evaluate what really matters in life – the eventual awakening to a great life with God forever and ever…. May this song console, encourage and strengthen people everywhere on their journey in this life.

  34. I am in tears each time I listen to this song,it brings goosebumps to my whole body…what an inspiration and may Almighty God give u the strength to keep up with this good work


  35. Heard this song while traveling from Enugu to Abuja yesterday and had goosebumps while the song played. It has been refreshinge since… Ekwueme

  36. The song is very touching

  37. Very soul touching. There is power in worship songs.

  38. Very soul touching. There is power in worship song.

  39. very inspiring

  40. Wao I had to scroll down to find space to type….this song ,this song ,this particular song….hmm…I think we.all feel it so deep… I am speechless…
    Welldone Prosper…God bless you overly

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  42. Oh! What a great worship song from the heart.

  43. nice and inspirational song

    1. Inspirational indeed,listen to song draw me close and closer to God….

  44. Nice and touching song

  45. Totally spirit filled, inspirational and empowering song that goes deep into our timeless connection to the Awe, Majesty and Power of The Most High Yahawah. Song in the very language of creation itself. The awarkening is NOW. May HE continue to bless you your mind and inspire you tougue to praise HIM.

  46. GAiuS Patel.the first time I listen to dis song I was so blessed,infact dis guy is so blessed.

  47. Thanks for this lovely worship song, is really touching. See what u’ve done for me. Ekwueme.

  48. May God richly bless you Brother Prospa and Mrs Nwachukwu for this Heavenly inspired song. I was blessed to hear this song on a Christian FM and decided to look it up. I’m moved to tears listening to your Spirit-filled song. God has indeed been and will forever be my Healer, Keeper, Restorer, LifeGiver, Promoter and Defender.May He be all these to you and everyone who listens to this song with an open heart and reverence to God.

  49. Caroline Anyona Mbinji

    This song was send to me by the Holy spirit a day after my deliverance,it came just in the right time when I needed the Impatation,so so touching, I feel blessed when I worship with this song,tears of joy flowing and feeling God’s presence during the administration of the song

  50. Ekueme and So good my 2018 and 2017 song of the year respectively, thanks you Jesus; so moved hearing it.

  51. Lovely worship song. I love this piece. Ekwueme

  52. Hmmmm, I can’t stop listening to this song, ekwueme you’re the living God eze no one like you. you’re my promoter, you are defenders, ekwueme.

  53. those guys were in GODS spiritual feel the presence of GOD when you listen to this song.

  54. Love the music,it moves spirit of laziness from the body and evev wake up dead one,pls keep on your gospel music.i love you all.GOD bless you.

  55. Oh Good God….the Keeper of Israel,God of multiplications Bless Bro Prospa and Mrs Osinachi for this wonderful Worship song (A soul lifting Worship)….
    More blessings to you..
    what a Spirit leading song.

  56. This song is special and spirit filled and full of inspiration. I’ve listened to it over nd over again.keep it up bro may holy spirit give u more revelation to evangelise to the world through this medium Amen.

  57. spiritual song that changes people’s life

  58. C’est très profond.

  59. Glorious God

  60. ezinne and chidera

    I love the song so much may GOD uphold you amen.

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